The Dyche Family

dychesOur Nina crew spotlight is on the Dyche family, Capt. David Dyche III, Rosemary, and their son David Jr. The family story is provided by Cherie Martinez, twin sister of Capt. David and comments from friends of the family.

From Cherie Martinez:

David takes after our dad, Capt. David A. Dyche II, who was a sailor, treasure and deep sea diver, along with his marine construction company. My brother was the youngest tug boat captain to be licensed in the state of Ohio. Dad had a chapter about him saving the Crile’s boat (Cleveland and Clinic fame) in Treasure Diving Holidays. So, not surprised that my twin brother followed in his footsteps. Our Dad taught us if you do something, do it right with enthusiasm.

Our mother, Caryl Dyche divorced our dad when we were 2 yrs. old and taught us to be self-reliant.

My brother bought the Nina in 1988. Over the years he has completely overhauled her, with repairs and renovations ongoing. In fact, before she left Mystic Port in 2007 again, she was overhauled for the ocean journeys.

David married Rosemary in 1992. She was born and raised in the mid-West and she is very resourceful. She had her own sailboat, so she was no stranger to sailing. Rosemary never meets a stranger, only future friends. She has 2 older sons, Justin and Kevin Donovan, from a previous marriage, and her mother Dorothy Nelson is still living.

Davy, Capt. David and Rosemary’s son, was born July 1995. Davy is always so thoughtful and caring, and he’s been raised most of his 18 years living and traveling the world on Nina. Davy has been home schooled, just graduated in May, and is preparing to go to college. He never meets a stranger, just like his Mom, and he is extremely mechanical when it has anything to do with boats. This sailing family has friends all over the world as they have made wonderful friends through socializing with other boats in their journeys.
My daughter, Julia and her husband Josh, were married by my brother in June 2012 aboard the Nina at Whangarei Harbor, New Zealand. David received his minister’s license so he could perform the beautiful ceremony.

David works with Edison Choust out of Louisiana, and has been based in Brazil. He is a captain on their 250 ft. anchor boats. He typically works 2 months on, and 1 month off. On his month off, he flies back to wherever Rosemary, Davy and Nina are, and helps move Nina to the next port.


From friends of the Dyche family:

“David Jr. has been home schooled by his mother since he was 13. He’s a bright kid, an expert yachtsman and he has been to many more places and seen more things than other kids his age.”

“Rosemary Dyche shared her husband’s love for the sea and left her job at a marina in Panama City to embark on the adventure.”

“I believe the boat’s still floating, whether it’s missing a rig or whatever, he’ll still be trying to get the boat to land somewhere.”

“He’s kind of a jack of all trades. He knows a lot of things about a lot of things. There weren’t many things David couldn’t do. If he put his mind to it, he could do it.”