Niña Crew Not Ready to Give Up

TV New Zealand news story. Update on how we are continuing the search effort and looking for answers from Officials.

Schooner Niña

Message from Robin Wright:

Thank you Jehan Casinader and Lee Frashier for covering our story and for taking us to Whangarei and Opua. It was a little disappointing that the broadcast seemed to suggest that we expect New Zealanders to foot the bill for our continued search for 7 precious lives. The fact is that we, with the help of many, many concerned people from all over the world, have raised and spent over $600,000 on private searches so far, and all of that money was spent in New Zealand and Australia. We and other family members have taken money from our personal savings, even Danielle’s college fund, to attempt to locate Nina as we believe she is still drifting. The boat in the satellite image looks just like Nina, and was found out in the middle of the Tasman where experts told us Nina should be. It’s time for RCCNZ to provide the families with the technical data used in their determination that the satellite image is “not likely Nina” so we can have closure on this issue. But if that satellite image is of the Nina and RCCNZ did not go out and rescue the crew as is their responsibility, we will know the truth soon enough when Nina drifts to shore and the crew can verify their location on September 16th. Evi Nemeth is certainly charting their course and we will be able to see exactly where Nina drifted all these months.

Praying for God’s provision and protection over our loved ones!