December 2013 General Update


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Update 30 December 2013

Update 26 December 16:00 CST Houston = 27 December 2013 09:00 local time Maryborough AUS

Ricky Wright departed local airport to visually air search islands for the schooner Nina and its crew  of 7.

Update December 24, 2013 on the eve, from the Auckland New Zealand Herald and to the NZ Herald a huge thank you for your concern for our 7 loved ones from the families and friends of those lost offshore the Tasman. We have great hope especially at this time. Merry Christmas New Zealand.

The New Zealand Herald


The Advocate


Update December 15, 2013

Air search now by Australian pilots volunteering to help locate the schooner Nina and its crew of 7.

The Wrights, parents of Danielle Wright remain in Australia to assist in the air seacrh efforts.

New Zealand ocean systems has now offered to assist in the currents and winds models.

Hope is what this search is all about: we need your help to get the resources back out there to search.

There needs to be serious improvements in the manner that search and rescue managers and agencies manage their day to day jobs. This includes serious changes to honor the common practices to search early not late.